Anti-Hungarian Attitudes in Romania

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Anti-Hungarian Attitudes in Romania

Questionnaire survey, content analysis of textbooks used in public education and of the Romanian social media

Our latest volume, jointly published by the Bálványos Institute and the Szekler Institute of Public Policy, presents the results of our research on anti-Hungarian attitudes in Romania.

Our research aims to map the attitudes of the Romanian majority towards Hungarians and to understand the social structure of anti-Hungarianism. We would like to point out the institutional mechanisms that are reproducing anti-Hungarian attitudes. The study is an applied social science research, aiming to provide a basis for the protection of the rights of the Hungarian minority in Transylvania.


Tamás Kiss, researcher at the National Institute for Minority Studies, co-owner of Transylvania Inquiry

Tibor Toró, professor at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, director of the Bálványos Institute

Tamás Zalán Jakab, analyst at Transylvania Inquiry

The publication is available for download online HERE .

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