The Bálványos Institute is a think tank conducting sociological and public policy research, which searches for scientifically grounded answers to the major topics concerning the future of Hungarian community in Transylvania.

The Institute publishes research reports, sociological studies and public policy analysis, based on sociological data collection, evaluation, research and analysis, which targets decision makers, NGOs and civil advocacy groups. In addition, the Institute plans to contribute to shaping public opinion by presenting publicly the results of researches, monitoring of the local administrations and decision makers, organizing events, workshops and trainings of free university kind as well as by announcing scholarship programs for young scholars.

The activity of the Bálványos Institute:

  • carrying out national, regional and local sociological research
  • monitoring local, parliamentary and government administrations
  • creating specialized publishing and infographics
  • operation of an interactive website
  • organization of thematic scientific conferences and other workshops
  • announcing scholarship programs
  • organizing trainings for youth and leaders
  • creating scientific basis of the activities to protect minority rights and advocacy.

The activity of the Bálványos Institute is organized around the following seven topics:

  • decentralization and regionalization
  • language policy
  • educational policy
  • Hungarians living in diaspora
  • emigration, internal and external mobility
  • Hungarian-Romanian relationships
  • the integration of Roma