Internet Usage Habits among Hungarians in Transylvania - Part One

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Internet Usage Habits among Hungarians in Transylvania - Part One

The research of the Bálványos Institute on Internet usage habits and online public participation among Hungarians in Transylvania was conducted between December 2020 and March 2021 on a sample of 1,839 ethnic Hungarians, representative for Transylvanian Hungarians. The data was collected in cooperation with the network of interviewers of TT Research & Communication in Cluj. The researchers involved in the survey are Tibor Toró (Sapientia University lecturer, research director of the Bálványos Institute), Gyöngyvér Tőkés (Sapientia University lecturer) and Szilvia Varga (PhD student, Bálványos Institute researcher)

The questionnaire covered the following topics: general internet usage, digital competences, the safe use of devices, online shopping, social media usage, and online public participation. When examining internet penetration, the results were compared with the National Statistical Institute’s 2020 survey on a similar topic.

In the first summary, we cover the following topics:

  • Internet penetration
  • Attitudes of non-internet users
  • Device usage
  • Digital competences

Characteristics of the data collection

  • Target population: Hungarians over 18 years old from Transylvania
  • Type of survey: face-to-face survey with interviewer, printed questionnaire
  • Data collection period: December – March 2021
  • Sample size: 1839 persons
  • Sampling type: stratified sampling with random starting point and scale
  • The survey is considered to be representative for the Hungarians in Transylvania

The presentation of the research can be downloaded from:

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